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Re2: JasonsTheme inquiry?

Author czuchaj <czuchaj at wgt dot com dot pl>
Full name czuchaj <czuchaj at wgt dot com dot pl>
Date 2000-03-01 08:27:36 PST
Message >>I'm new to ArgoUML and I'm trying to start according to description
>>compiled version argouml070.jar (which I've downloaded from Argo
>>Official Site ),
>> but it shows message like this:
>>java.lang.No​ClassDefFoundError: uci/uml/ui/JasonsTheme
>> at uci.uml.Main.main (Compiled Code)
>>To start this I've been using jdk1.1.8 on Win32.
>>On another OS - Sun Solaris it crashes on MetalTheme class from
>>What should I do?
>This error message is very misleading. It occus when you do not have
>swing in your CLASSPATH. Make sure that you downloaded swing from
>http://java.sun.com/​products/jfc and that you unzipped the archive
>to get swing.jar. Put swing.jar in your CLASSPATH.

Thank you for your interest, but I've tried starting it with swing.jar
I should add that I have started previous version of ArgoUML 0.52 and it
works. It is using swing.jar too. I suppose my problem has another
When I'm starting program in verbose mode I can observe that it looks
MetalTheme in path: javax/swing/plaf/met​al/MetalTheme, but when I've
opened Swing jar file I do not see javax path but java, may be it's a
source of the problem.

Adam Czuchaj

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Re2: JasonsTheme inquiry? czuchaj <czuchaj at wgt dot com dot pl> czuchaj <czuchaj at wgt dot com dot pl> 2000-03-01 08:27:36 PST
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