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JasonsTheme inquiry?

Author czuchaj <czuchaj at wgt dot com dot pl>
Full name czuchaj <czuchaj at wgt dot com dot pl>
Date 2000-02-29 02:51:34 PST
Message I'm new to ArgoUML and I'm trying to start according to description
compiled version argouml070.jar (which I've downloaded from Argo
Official Site ),
 but it shows message like this:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: uci/uml/ui/JasonsTheme
            at uci.uml.Main.main (Compiled Code)
To start this I've been using jdk1.1.8 on Win32.
On another OS - Sun Solaris it crashes on MetalTheme class from
What should I do?

Adam Czuchaj

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JasonsTheme inquiry? czuchaj <czuchaj at wgt dot com dot pl> czuchaj <czuchaj at wgt dot com dot pl> 2000-02-29 02:51:34 PST
     Re: JasonsTheme inquiry? jrobbins9 Jason Robbins 2000-02-29 10:23:03 PST
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