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RE: simple question

Author "Arnold, Curt" <Curt dot Arnold at hyprotech dot com>
Full name "Arnold, Curt" <Curt dot Arnold at hyprotech dot com>
Date 2000-02-18 10:26:53 PST
Message What I assume that you want to do is to show the navigability to an association. To do that, take the diamond arrow handle and pull it from one class to the other. Then in the properties view, check
or uncheck the Navigable checkmark until you get the rendering you want.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jaime Nino [mailto:jaime at cs dot uno dot edu]
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2000 11:39 AM
To: dev at argouml dot tigris dot org
Subject: simple question

I started using ArgoUML. I do not seem to be able to find a way to write
an association with an arrow pointing towards the target.

I tried using "line" and the system freezes for a while. (??)

Thanks for any pointers.
    Jaime Nino
    Computer Science Dept. Univ of New Orleans, New Orleans La 70148
    voice : 504-280-7362 fax: 504-280-7228

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RE: simple question "Arnold, Curt" <Curt dot Arnold at hyprotech dot com> "Arnold, Curt" <Curt dot Arnold at hyprotech dot com> 2000-02-18 10:26:53 PST
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