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[argouml-users] [argouml-dev] 0.34.beta1 available

Author linus
Full name Linus Tolke
Date 2011-11-21 10:32:01 PST
Message Hello all developers' and users of ArgoUML!

The version 0.34 is now available for beta testing. Please download and
test and report issues in the issuezilla database on Tigris.

The 0.34 release is planned of Wednesday next week (November 30th). If
serious problem is found and registered in the Issuezilla, there is a risk
that this date will not be kept.


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[argouml-users] [argouml-dev] 0.34.beta1 available linus Linus Tolke 2011-11-21 10:32:01 PST
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