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[argouml-users] Heap limits in OS X

Author jrepenning
Full name Jack Repenning
Date 2011-09-14 17:53:42 PDT
Message The FAQ mentions tweaking the heap limits "in the command line." I'm familiar with Java and command lines and -Xmx, but on OS X I don't actually *have* a command line, just


Contents/Info.plist includes a dict key [Java][VMOptions] that contains an -Xmx value, so I changed that and restarted ArgoUML … but it doesn't seem like the change had the expected effect: I set it to 1024M, but the little heap indicator in the bottom right of the main window is saying "503M used of 600M total" and showing a warning orange band.

I suppose a "warn at 500 for a limit of 600" is not unduly alarmist … but I gave it 1024, not just 600, why's it whining at me?

Should I have set this elsewhere? Should I adjust my execrations? Are there things (like, say, extensions) I can remove to free some heap?

And, is this heap usage reasonable? I only have one diagram (a Sequence diagram), with four Classifiers, and 22 Actions.

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