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Re: [argouml-users] Making Profiles "Discoverable"

Author thn
Full name Thomas Neustupny
Date 2011-08-02 01:11:24 PDT
Message Hi Mark,

you can't avoid the display of the whole (system specific) path in the profile configuration. Also, there is no (relative) standard path to profiles, you configure your profile directories in edit->settings->profiles (default XMI directories). Hm, maybe we could strip the displayed path in the profile configuration if it is one of the configured directories?

Sharing profiles: share the XMI files. Everyone who uses it is responsible for the loading of the profile in her/his ArgoUML instance. But there is another way to share profiles: wrap them in a module and share the .jar file (has just to be put into the ext/ directory of ArgoUML). Easier for the recipients, but requires developer skills for the creator, unless you use the "module generator" module, here is a doc that demonstrate the idea how to do it: http://argouml-modul​egenerator.tigris.or​g/documentation.html​
So this module will create the sources of a profile module for you. I can help you with either that module or directly with the (reusable) profile module sources in case you don't want to use the module generator.


-------- Original-Nachricht --------
> Datum: Mon, 1 Aug 2011 17:38:03 -0700
> Von: Mark Fortner <phidias51 at gmail dot com>
> An: users at argouml dot tigris dot org
> Betreff: [argouml-users] Making Profiles "Discoverable"

> I've been tinkering with some profiles and I was wondering if there is a
> directory that ArgoUML will always check to "discover" available profiles.
> Perhaps the .argouml directory? The reason I ask is that currently the
> profiles show a complete path to any profile that you add in the explorer.
> However, I frequently move back and forth between Windows, Linux and
> MacOS
> X. It would be nice if there were a single directory that I could put my
> profiles, that would always be resolved regardless of the platform I was
> using.
> Also, is there a way to share profiles? I would like to be able to post
> some profiles on our intranet, and it would be useful to be able to
> specify
> an http-type URL for the profiles.
> Any suggestions will be appreciated,
> Mark
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