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A wiki and a forum for users of ArgoUML

Author thn
Full name Thomas Neustupny
Date 2008-05-13 06:17:12 PDT
Message Hi,

in order to give you more opportunity to share your questions/concerns/ideas/help it might be useful to try the new Wiki and the new Forum, both available here:


Some initial content can be already found there, like the hint about reverse engineering of sequence diagrams (my previous mail) or something about the use of AndroMDA together with ArgoUML. I hope you like it.

(It mainly depends on you if this will be continued. Might be a nice alternative/complement to this mailing list. BTW, I'm not responsible for it, just use it like you could do.)

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A wiki and a forum for users of ArgoUML thn Thomas Neustupny 2008-05-13 06:17:12 PDT
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