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[argouml-users] ranking

Author "Elias!" <email at e-lias dot de>
Full name "Elias!" <email at e-lias dot de>
Date 2010-01-22 02:02:22 PST
Message Hi,

it would be useful if there is a ranking function for class methods and
variables! E.g. the constructor should be always at first position. if i
add this not at first, i could not move it up!

Viele Grüße


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[argouml-users] ranking "Elias!" <email at e-lias dot de> "Elias!" <email at e-lias dot de> 2010-01-22 02:02:22 PST
     Re: [argouml-users] ranking bobtarling Bob Tarling 2010-01-24 22:08:23 PST
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