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[argouml-users] CVS Problems - weird errors on start-up

Author "BARTKO, Zoltan" <bartko dot zoltan at pobox dot sk>
Full name "BARTKO, Zoltan" <bartko dot zoltan at pobox dot sk>
Date 2002-11-25 15:58:32 PST
Message Hello folks,

I am not sure, whether I am posting this to the right list, but maybe
someone could give some advice:

Today morning I downloaded the updates from CVS and compiled them. Since
there was a little mess over here with my computer (I have no direct
internet connection and the one that has is Win98 machine), after making
"build clean" and "build package" in src_new and running "java -jar
argouml.jar" I get this:

Configuration loaded from D:\Documents and

SAX Parser Factory org.apache.xerces.ja​xp.SAXParserFactoryI​mpl will be used.

Package: org.argouml.application
Component: ArgoUML, by: University of California, version: PRE-0.13.2

Package: ru.novosoft.uml
Component: Novosoft UML Library, by: Novosoft Inc., version: 0.4.19

Package: org.tigris.gef.base
Component: GEF Graph Editing Framework, by: University of California,
version: 0.9.6

Package: org.xml.sax

Package: java.lang
Component: Java Runtime Environment, by: Sun Microsystems, Inc., version:

Package: org.apache.log4j
Component: log4j, by: "Apache Software Foundation", version: 1.1.3

Package: org.apache.xerces.jaxp

Operating System is: Windows 2000
Operating System Version: 5.0
Language: sk
Country: SK

Cannot re-open because it does not exist
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionI​nInitializerError:
        at java.io.Reader.<i​nit>(Unknown Source)
        at java.io.InputStreamR​eader.<init>(U​nknown Source)
        at java.io.InputStreamR​eader.<init>(U​nknown Source)
        at java.util.Properties​.load(Unknown Source)
        at org.argouml.i18n.Tra​nslator.loadImageBin​dings(Translator.jav​a:94)
        at org.argouml.i18n.Tra​nslator.getImageBind​ing(Translator.java:​114)
        at org.argouml.uml.ui.U​MLAction.<init​>(UMLAction.java:59)​
        at org.argouml.uml.ui.U​MLAction.<init​>(UMLAction.java:51)​
        at org.argouml.uml.ui.A​ctionNew.<init​>(ActionNew.java:48)​
        at org.argouml.uml.ui.A​ctionNew.<clinit​>(ActionNew.java:4​3)
        at org.argouml.ui.Proje​ctBrowser.<init​>(ProjectBrowser.ja​va:155)
        at org.argouml.applicat​ion.Main.main(Main.j​ava:223)

So what is this? Last week it was OK. Then someone (I am sorry, I don't
remember the name any more - I suppose kataka@...) made a change and I just
can't get it work. I am sure I do something wrong, but I have no idea what.

Thanks for your time and advice

Zoltan B.

PS: I forgot to mention that till today morning it had problems with my
locale. I tried it on Linux, too. There It didn't want to accept even en_US
or en_GB. What is this?

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[argouml-users] CVS Problems - weird errors on start-up "BARTKO, Zoltan" <bartko dot zoltan at pobox dot sk> "BARTKO, Zoltan" <bartko dot zoltan at pobox dot sk> 2002-11-25 15:58:32 PST
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