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RE: [argouml-users] ArgoUML 0.11.1 released

Author Yang Yang <YYang at Eidea dot com>
Full name Yang Yang <YYang at Eidea dot com>
Date 2002-08-05 07:50:38 PDT
Message I just download the 0.11.1 version, and try to use the feature "fit to page"
print, which is listed as a bug fix in Linus's list:
805 P3 Printing fit to page option

And MY QUESTION is where I can find this option, I checked "Print" dialog
and "Page setup" dialog, but couldn't find the option. I was assuming there
should be a "fit to page" check box somewhere?


-----Original Message-----
From: Linus Tolke [mailto:linus at tigris dot org]
Sent: Thursday, August 01, 2002 7:28 PM
To: announce at argouml dot tigris dot org; Developers of ArgoUML;
users at argouml dot tigris dot org
Subject: [argouml-users] ArgoUML 0.11.1 released

The development release 0.11.1 of ArgoUML is now released. This is a release
which is in several respects better than 0.10.1 but also in some areas
probably a little shakier since a lot of changes are made.

Java Web Start possibility will be available shortly.

Big fixes:
* New handling of Notations
* Released version of GEF included
* ArgoUML now tries to detect incorrectly saved XMI and generates a warning.

Lots of small fixes:
ID Pri Summary
299 P1 I loose class diagrams between sessions
324 P1 add use case to diagram moves item into new package
827 P1 cpu at 100% during diagram editing
964 P1 Duplicate diagram names => project corrupted
277 P2 Code Generation fails if Javadoc ist edited
323 P2 Display refresh fails for class diagram
544 P2 text boxes saved as UTF-8 but loaded as ASCII
612 P2 Critique > Browse Critics... selection problem
734 P2 Loading problem of zargo file
844 P2 When adding anything new from Property Tab of a package, the tree is
not updated
864 P2 Association ends values don't display properly in properties window
926 P2 Interfaces not generated by Java Generator
931 P2 Multiplicity not generated correctly by Java Generator
319 P3 documentation fields do not have scroll bars
465 P3 classes link does not work
517 P3 when saving diagrams as svg the .svg file extension must be included
or diagrams are not generated
531 P3 Argo stumbles over Escape character when loading
558 P3 Problems with class attribute multiplicity
561 P3 operation notation in UML is not correct
596 P3 Delete from model does not remove class from all diagrams
608 P3 adding attribute types in properties pane
663 P3 Constructors as operations not handled well
704 P3 Missing stereotypes for CollaborationRole
767 P3 Cannot hide Interface methods
768 P3 "documentation" tag on classes is lost
774 P3 Locale.setDefault() in org.argouml.applicat​ion.Main.main()
803 P3 ArgoUML's window slightly to big for my screen
805 P3 Printing fit to page option
810 P3 Stereotypes missing for node and component
848 P3 Stereotype for attribute/operation not shown in the diagram
863 P3 1..1 Association Multiplicity not shown on Class Diagram
909 P3 accent characters not saved properly
913 P3 ArgoUML will not start when Project on startup is corrupted
933 P3 Guarded concurrency not generated to synchronized
959 P3 Loading a zargo-file fails if class diagrams have the same name
587 P4 "Add realization" button for package/model does nothing
590 P4 Saving unsupported graphics type fails silently
710 P4 Missing stereotypes for AssociationRole
756 P4 activity diagrams misnamed in file tree as state
765 P4 Representation of attributes on class diagram
929 P4 Concurrency does not have a default value
934 P4 Deleting an inner class from model doesn't refresh navigator pane
560 P5 Delay in marking abstract operation in italics
581 P5 Code Gen chokes on internal anonymous class
585 P5 Incorrect icons in the navigation pane
930 P5 Make 'synchronized' guarded

There are still a lot of unresolved problems in ArgoUML 0.11.1.

This release was build on a SunOS 5.7 (Solaris 2.7) host with jdk1.3.0_02.
It is not as thouroughly tested as I would like it to be due to timing
constraints and bandwidth problems and problems running the junit test.

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To unsubscribe, e-mail: users-unsubscribe@ar​gouml.tigris.org
For additional commands, e-mail: users-help at argouml dot tigris dot org

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