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[argouml-users] Copy and Paste

Author Yang Yang <YYang at Eidea dot com>
Full name Yang Yang <YYang at Eidea dot com>
Date 2002-06-18 15:52:31 PDT
Message I had some problems with my "argouml users group" mails, so I haven't get
any replay yet, hopefully, someone has the answer.... :)
and I send this message again.


> Hi all,
> Is anybody know why "copy and paste" is not working in new ArgoUML version
> 0.10? It used to work in version 0.8.*. The problem now is pasted object
> not shown in diagram.
> Thanks in advance,
> Yang

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[argouml-users] Copy and Paste Yang Yang <YYang at Eidea dot com> Yang Yang <YYang at Eidea dot com> 2002-06-18 15:52:31 PDT
     Re: [argouml-users] Copy and Paste mkl_foo Markus Klink 2002-06-19 00:20:11 PDT
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