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Re: [argouml-users] generate database

Author mkl_foo
Full name Markus Klink
Date 2002-03-28 04:39:53 PST
Message In this discussion you have to differentiate two situations:

a) you model a relational database in UML
b) you model a "business model" and are looking for the appropriate
datastructure, which can be modelled using a)

a) is fairly trivial and there are tools available which convert an XMI
file to a relational database where applicable and there had been
attempts to integrate this into ArgoUML, so that you have a classdiagram
(actually more of an ER diagram in UML notation) and can generate
according create statements.
b) is not trivial as you face the mismatch between the OO model and the
relation model. Of particular interest is how one models inheritance
hierachies and associations. This topic seems to be covered in the link
provided below.

For a) you need to be patient. I am currently in touch with some folks
to see whether I can use their code.


Didier Bretin wrote:

>Hello Jason,
>On Thu, 28 Mar 2002 11:32:02 -0000
>"Alcock, Jason" <Jason dot Alcock at sage dot com> wrote:
>>Taking any OO design to a relational database is not an automatic process.
>>(BTW I take it Didier implied relational database when he wrote "SQL
>Yeap you are right :o)
>>For a good summary of the issues and approaches see:
>Thanks I will read it ASAP.
>>>--- Didier Bretin <dbr at informactis dot com> wrote:
>>>> Is it possible to generate SQL database from my
>>>>model with argoUml ?
>>>>I found nothing in the doc about this :o(
>In fact my problem is that I would like to save the data manipulate in my
>application in a relational database. In fact I develop application with java/servelt
>and postgresql, so I was asking me when my class diagram is finished, what will
>be the design of my database to matching/mapping the data I have in my diagram :o).
>I understand it's not an automatic process, and I try to find a solution.
>If you develop with relational database, what is the process do you use ?
>PS: sorry for the english, I'm French :o))

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