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Re: [argouml-users] version history in .9.2

Author andreas
Full name Andreas Rueckert
Date 2001-04-17 06:15:37 PDT
Message Hi!

On Die, 17 Apr 2001 Toby Baier wrote:


> BTW, does anyone know how to get the date in ant? Would be handy.



Sets the DSTAMP, TSTAMP and TODAY properties in the current project. The
DSTAMP is in the "yyyymmdd" format, the TSTAMP is in the "hhmm" format and
TODAY is "month day year".

These properties can be used in the buildfile, for instance, to create
timestamped filenames or used to replace placeholder tags inside documents to
indicate, for example, the release date. The best place for this task is in
your initialization target.





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