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getting started

Author Pierre Ruijters <p dot ruijters at chello dot nl>
Full name Pierre Ruijters <p dot ruijters at chello dot nl>
Date 2001-04-13 12:36:12 PDT
Message ArgoUml version 081a


superShortIntroduction (I hope)
I started getting involved in JAVA programming just for fun, not for work. I
did studies on the language via "Open University" in Amsterdam and match
more or less Sun Certified Java Programmer level. UML and indeed a good tool
to work with it is a must!! Finding many tools on the web I decided to try
ArgoUml for several reasons. Creating a class diagram wasn't that hard even
without much information. That's surely a plus and already a very good
start. What is my occupation? Wel I work as a technical trainer for a
semiconductor lithography tool(stepper/scanner) supplier(ASML). For as far
Java is concerned I hope it will find it's way in our educational
environment either stand alone or as part of a multi media package.

So I would like to get to know ArgoUml better. From doing a lot of reading
on the site I find out there is at least not an official userguide. But
looking to the amount of downloads I expect someone to have something that
might be considered a manual. I would appreciate a copy.

As I said before I succeeded so far implementing a class diagram, but got
stuck in the implementation code. I hope this is the place to get user
questions of the following kind anwered.

Where do I implement my code....I tried to put some in the "Details Pane"
but as soon as I deselect the class and select it again the code disappears.
Where/how do I implement code for my methods?

How can I run my program ones I implemented succesfull my code? Is ArgoUml
meant to be able to compile code?

Is there a most simple "Hello world/universe" applet and application example
to demonstrate performance of ArgoUml.

I will have many more questions in the future if I am allowed to ask them
here. Hopefully someone recognises my starting position with ArgoUml and can
help me out with my questions and any more info he thinks can help getting
started. Especially since I am new in this stage of the development of
ArgoUml I might be able to contribute to a more official userguide based on
my growing experience with the software if this contribution is appreciated.

With kind regards

Pierre Ruijters

p dot ruijters at chello dot nl

ruijter at iaehv dot nl

pierre dot ruijters at asml dot nl

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getting started Pierre Ruijters <p dot ruijters at chello dot nl> Pierre Ruijters <p dot ruijters at chello dot nl> 2001-04-13 12:36:12 PDT
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