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RE:[argouml-users] 2nd request for help

Author mokeny
Full name Samuel Smith
Date 2001-04-08 11:06:58 PDT
Message Have seen this before with other zip archives.
Note certain zip utilities are incompatible,
  i.e. create a zip file with one utility and unzip it with another utility
will cause the unzipped files to have zero length.

  Solution: Use another zip utility to unzip it (and not the one you
currently have)
. There are quite a few free ones which should work
  I use the one that comes with the Java JDK, ie jar.exe, and this worked
for me.
  So if you down load ArgoUML-0.8.1a.zip
  and the path containing the file "jar.exe" is in your DOS/Windows "path"
  start a DOS prompt, use "CD" command to change directory to the directory
where the zip file is and type
  jar -xvf ArgoUML-0.8.1a.zip
  This should unzip it correctly,and you should be able to run it with:
  java -jar argouml-0.8.1a.jar
  or write a small bat file to do that. Note you will now have a file
  xml4j.jar. ;-)

Samuel Smith (Java programmer, not currently working on ArgoUML)

Disclaimer: Any information is given in good faith, and may contain errors.
Any actions taken on a machine, reliant on the above information, is
entirely the responsibility of the person (or persons) whom performs it.
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