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Request for example sequence diagrams

Author bobtarling
Full name Bob Tarling
Date 2008-11-27 14:03:36 PST
Message Dear ArgoUML user.

For the next major release of ArgoUML we hope to be able to release a
complete new implementation of the sequence diagrams.

This will bring the diagrams closer to the correct UML 1.4 standard.
It will make the diagrams easier to manipulate for the user and the
codebase will be easier for us to maintain and add new features in

It's our intention to ensure that all sequence diagrams created with
the current ArgoUML release will load and display correctly with this
new release.

If you have some good example diagrams that you are happy to pass on
to me for testing purposes then I would appreciate it.

Forward to bob dot tarling at gmail dot com



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Request for example sequence diagrams bobtarling Bob Tarling 2008-11-27 14:03:36 PST
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