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Re: [argouml-bugs] ArgoUML 0.8.1

Author carnold
Full name Curt Arnold
Date 2000-11-12 14:00:32 PST
Message Those are addressed in the rework of property panels in the CVS source for
0.9, hopefully we will have an alpha of 0.9 shortly. If you'd like to jump,
you can check argouml/src_new out of the CVS.

ArgoUML 0.8.1

Author "Mikael Ståldal" <mikael at staldal dot nu>
Full name "Mikael Ståldal" <mikael at staldal dot nu>
Date 2000-11-10 14:40:25 PST
Message I'm using ArgoUML 0.8.1.

I can't find any way to add a constructor to a class. And I can't find
any way to mark a method as abstract.
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