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[argouml-issues] [Issue 6520] New - Several log refactoring/improvement suggestions

Author chenfsd
Full name Boyuan Chen
Date 2016-10-28 17:50:41 PDT
Message http://argouml.tigri​s.org/issues/show_bu​g.cgi?id=6520
                 Issue #|6520
                 Summary|Several log refactoring/improvement suggestions
       Status whiteboard|
              Issue type|DEFECT
             Assigned to|linus
             Reported by|chenfsd

------- Additional comments from chenfsd at tigris dot org Tue Oct 25 21:55:21 -0700 2016 -------
Method invocation replaced by variable
file: ArgoUML-0.35.1-src/a​rgouml/src/argouml-c​ore-model-
line 504,
the log line contains: (RefBaseObject) event.getSource()).refMofId()
However, in above there is a line of code:
String mofId = ((RefBaseObject) event.getSource()).refMofId();
Therefore we should replace this method invocation by mofId for the sake of
simplicity and readability.
Similar in line 518

Method invocation in return statement
line 543-545:
LOG.log(Level.SEVERE,"Exception when fetching models from profile " +

variable profile is an instance of class Profile
in file: ArgoUML-0.35.1-src/a​rgouml/src/argouml-

We can know that toString method returns "getDisplayName"
Therefore we should change profile.getDisplayName() -> profile for the sake of
simplicity and readability
Check if variable is null
file: ArgoUML-0.35.1-src/a​rgouml/src/argouml-

line 541:
LOG.log(Level.FINE,"Dropped object NOT added {0}",figNode);

"figNode" must be null in this, consider remove or replace it.

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[argouml-issues] [Issue 6520] New - Several log refactoring/improvement suggestions chenfsd Boyuan Chen 2016-10-28 17:50:41 PDT
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