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Request: Bug nr 32.

Author Trond <t-aaroe at frisurf dot no>
Full name Trond <t-aaroe at frisurf dot no>
Date 1998-01-07 11:22:22 PST
Message I have looked at the argouml. It looks nice! Keep up the good work!!

However I can't get i to run on jdk1.3 which I find a bit frustrating because 1.2.2. is sooooooo slooooow on my machine. I have found this bug reported as bug 32.

Is there a chance that this bug can be fixed. If it is an jdk bug I hope you can find a workaround.

Yours sincerly

Trond Aarø

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Request: Bug nr 32. Trond <t-aaroe at frisurf dot no> Trond <t-aaroe at frisurf dot no> 1998-01-07 11:22:22 PST
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