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ArgoUML 0.24 entering beta

Author Linus Tolke <linus dot tolke at enea dot com>
Full name Linus Tolke <linus dot tolke at enea dot com>
Date 2007-02-08 09:32:01 PST
Message Hello everybody!


The work with improving and developing ArgoUML continues relentlessly.
We have now reached the final quality assurance stage for the next
stable release, the 0.24 release. At this stage, the beta period, all
efforts go into quality assurance with the intention to make 0.24 the
best release of ArgoUML ever.


Even so I hope that you can find time in helping out with the testing of
ArgoUML. The simple Open Source paradigm is: the more testers - the more
problems found. We prefer to discover big problems with the release now,
and not immediately after the release. So download the last beta,
monitor for new betas and test anything and everything. In the ArgoUML
project all betas are more or less release candidates. The developers
will be working hard to evaluate the severity of each new issue created
comparing it to the list of known problems and you are most welcome to
help in this work.





Linus Tolke

linus dot tolke at enea dot com linus at tigris dot org

ArgoUML <http://argouml.tigris.org/>


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ArgoUML 0.24 entering beta Linus Tolke <linus dot tolke at enea dot com> Linus Tolke <linus dot tolke at enea dot com> 2007-02-08 09:32:01 PST
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