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First beta release of 0.20 of ArgoUML

Author Linus Tolke <Linus dot Tolke at enea dot se>
Full name Linus Tolke <Linus dot Tolke at enea dot se>
Date 2006-01-22 02:44:33 PST
Message The ArgoUML team is pleased to announce a public beta release of ArgoUML
featuring support for UML 1.4, Sequence Diagrams, and JMI (JSR-40) --
specifically targeting users of the open source MDA tool AndroMDA. We
invite you to preview the new features and help with testing.

Launch with a single click using Java Web Start or download for local
installation from our download page at
<http://argouml.tigri​s.org/download/relea​se020b1.html> . The new item
is available at

Significant progress has been made since our last stable release (0.18).
This includes the following new features:

* UML 1.4 - Enhanced extensibility features of UML 1.4 including
multiple Stereotypes per ModelElement, Enumerations, and enhanced
TaggedValue support.

* Sequence Diagrams - a completely new Sequence Diagram

* AndroMDA compatibility - AndroMDA is an open source MDA tool
which can generate code of a variety of types, up to entire
applications, from the UML 1.4 models created by ArgoUML.

* Improved interoperability - this version reads and writes XMI
files compatible with a wider variety of tools. UML 1.3 & 1.4 using XMI
1.0, 1.1, & 1.2 are read and UML 1.4/XMI 1.2 is written.

* JMI (JSR-40) support - A shiny new model subsystem using the
NetBeans Model Data Repository (MDR) implementation of the Java Metadata
Interface. While largely transparent to users, it will allow easier
upgrades to later versions of UML.

* Quality - Over 400 bugs have been fixed for this release.
(Help find the new ones that we've replaced them with!)

* Visual enhancements - a fresh new splash screen and support
for Java 5 look and feel

* Most functions now support multiple selection of

* Drag and Drop from the explorer tree into the diagram and
within the explorer tree.

A lot of hard work has also happened under the covers and we now have
the solid foundation required for an exciting year for ArgoUML users.


We are confident that 0.20 will be our best and most popular release
ever! Please help make it as good as it can be by downloading and
testing this beta.

Note to Current Users

A smooth upgrade path is important to us and we have tried to make the
upgrade from UML 1.3 to UML 1.4 a painless one.


Previous versions of ArgoUML supported UML 1.3 only. Your projects will
be automatically converted to UML 1.4 when you load them, but you should
do a comprehensive review of your model to make sure it got converted
correctly AND be sure to keep a UML 1.3 version in case of any problems.
The ArgoUML 0.20 will read UML 1.3 and UML 1.4 files, but only writes
UML 1.4, so if you have other tools in your tool chain which don't read
UML 1.4/XMI 1.2 files, you may need to continue using your existing
version of ArgoUML.

Please be sure to report any problems that you find.

The ArgoUML team would like to thank you for sticking with us. Remember,
no matter what your skills and experience, we are always looking for
extra help. If you would like to be more involved in making ArgoUML an
even better product then get in touch!


Linus Tolke
linus at tigris dot org


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First beta release of 0.20 of ArgoUML Linus Tolke <Linus dot Tolke at enea dot se> Linus Tolke <Linus dot Tolke at enea dot se> 2006-01-22 02:44:33 PST
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