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[argouml-announce] ArgoUML 0.16.alpha1 is released

Author linus
Full name Linus Tolke
Date 2004-06-27 00:08:20 PDT
Message Hello ArgoUML fans!

The development release 0.16.alpha1 is released and available from the
ArgoUML Web site. See the announcement at:

The release 0.16 will not include working Sequence diagrams, nor support for
MDR as was the original plan. Please don't ask about them in 0.16, instead
help in making them happen for the next stable release (0.18).


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[argouml-announce] ArgoUML 0.16.alpha1 is released linus Linus Tolke 2004-06-27 00:08:20 PDT
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