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[argouml-announce] Project Summary and Outlook

Author mkl_foo
Full name Markus Klink
Date 2001-12-30 22:17:23 PST
Message Dear all,

[sorry for cross posting]

with the end of the year approaching it is time to give a small summary
of the ArgoUML project status and a small outlook.

2001 had been a very successful year for ArgoUML. We are all very
pleased that by and large the transition of the project ownership went
quite smoothly and that we could win a number of very dedicated people
for our community.

Almost daily we receive request from developers who apply for a observer
or developer role. For an opensource project like ours, getting new
input from fresh persons is crucial. If you have any plans to join the
ArgoUML project please feel free to request an observer role at
http://www.argouml.org and join the developer mailing list. After you
got known there, we will usually grant the full developer role.

Currently our main efforts are in the area of documentation on all
levels, so that new developers will find it easier to jump into ArgoUML
and help improve and stabilize what we have. If you look at
http://www.argouml.o​rg/documentation/ you will find links to many new
documentation resoures and the documentation snapshots which reflect the
current content of the CVS versions of the documents. I am also
extremely please to say that we finally got on our way to start work on
a manual for ArgoUML. Many parts of it are still missing, but do not let
that distract you. Just take it as an opportnity to give us feedback and
check by often.

The long awaited release is also due in January. We got a little bit
delayed due to the Christmas season, but the wait is well worth it. With
0.9.6 we take the path towards a bug fix release, which will be
continued until the 0.10 release. We rely heavily on issuezilla for bug
fixing (see http://www.argouml.org/issues), so if you find something
which annoys you, please enter it in issuezilla (please note that you
need to be a registered tigris user to do so, but you do not need to
request a role). For 0.9.6 there are still some minor issues to resolve
but we are confident to release it in January.

ArgoUML also received a plugin API in 2001, which will make it much
easier for us to modularize ArgoUML into components which a user can
activate at will. That will make ArgoUML much more efficient in the long
run. There are many more things which had been contributed - some are
more visible, other almost invisible, but every contribution helps to
make ArgoUML a better, more userfriendly, stable and innovative product.

Thanks to all the users and developers who made this possible and a
happy new year,

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[argouml-announce] Project Summary and Outlook mkl_foo Markus Klink 2001-12-30 22:17:23 PST
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