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2020-04-07: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down on 2020-07-01. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep before that date.

List of important announcements about ArgoUML.

46 2011-02-01 14:51:01 PST

Automated notification of commits.

8716 2019-07-10 00:55:57 PDT

Module development. This mailing list is now closed and will be removed at the earliest in July 2009. If you are developing modules, you are most welcome with your questions and ideas on the developers' mailing list (dev@argouml.tigris.org) instead.

221 2010-05-05 00:24:24 PDT

All changes to all ArgoUML Issues are automatically sent to this list. This list is for those who want to monitor the progress of the ArgoUML project. Please do not send mails to this list, the information in them risks to get lost. Instead add your comments to the Issue in question.

48119 2019-09-06 17:20:23 PDT

Discussion list for Developers of ArgoUML. This list is the general purpose list for all those devoted to the improvement of ArgoUML, the product, the documentation and the web site. Discussions include but are not limited to directions of the project, choice of technical solutions within ArgoUML, discussions on the direction and contents of the ArgoUML documentation, the development environment needed to develop ArgoUML, user interface choices for ArgoUML, Advocacy and marketing of ArgoUML. When it comes to specific problems that you have found with any of the above, use issuezilla instead of mailing on the list. Use issuezilla also for things that you suspect are problems and that you want to bring to everybody's attention in order to get some help investigating. Discussions in English. This is a discuss list meaning that you must be a trusted member on the list to post to it. Contact the list moderator (linus@tigris.org) to become trusted. Replies to mailing list mails are directed back to the list.

26516 2020-07-02 16:13:53 PDT

Discussion list for users of ArgoUML. Typical topics of this list are how I use ArgoUML in my day to day work, features and quirks in the latest stable version of ArgoUML, and how best to install ArgoUML. Discussions in English. Please consult the FAQ before posting. You must subscribe to be allowed to send mails to the list.

4739 2020-07-02 18:03:51 PDT
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