Have you checked the ArgoUML source tree? The file names might not be totally obvious (for example, the UML 1.4 DTD is at http://argouml.tigris.org/source/browse/*checkout*/argouml/trunk/src/argouml-core-model-mdr/src/org/argouml/model/mdr/mof/01-02-15.xml?revision=17806&content-type=text%2Fplain) but there's a good chance that they're there. I think the filenames match the original OMG filenames which may be why their difficult to locate on the OMG site.


On Sun, Feb 21, 2016 at 3:19 AM, Peter Nabbefeld <peter.nabbefeld@gmx.de> wrote:

I'm looking for the DTDs for XMI 1.x files (UML profile), especially for
XMI 1.2 to XMI 1.4.

I've already tried to find those, but they even seem to be unavailable
at OMG.

I've found one document about XMI 1.2 including a DTD, but it's probably
superceeded by another, as the DTD says the fixed version argument
should have a value of "1.1".

Kind regards


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