I understand that. But i18n.jar file which I have downloaded from argoUML site differs from that of workingfrog.org site.

Argo has modified some files I believe. So how I get the source code for i18n.jar file which was packed in the agro 0.14 release.

Any links or suggestions




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Friday, February 20, 2004 1:24 PM
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i18n is not an ArgoUML project.


You will have to contact workingfrog for support.





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Subject: [argouml-users] need help



Here is my story. I have downloaded the ArgoUML 0.14 src code. I built it and able to run it without any problems.

It comes with a i18n.jar file. I need to customize some code in that. So how can I get the correct source code of i18n module which is compatible with Argo 0.14?


By the way I downloaded the i18n source version of 0.1.3 from workingfrog.org. I was able to build that but when I replaced the original i18n.jar (which came from argo download) with this one, I get the following exception


  [argouml] java.lang.NullPointerException

  [argouml]     at org.workingfrog.i18n.util.Localizer.localize(Localizer.java:1


  [argouml]     at org.workingfrog.i18n.util.Validator.checkValue(Validator.java


  [argouml]     at org.workingfrog.i18n.util.Validator.check(Validator.java:97)

  [argouml]     at org.workingfrog.i18n.util.Translator.localize(Translator.java


  [argouml]     at org.workingfrog.i18n.util.Translator.checkValue(Translator.ja


  [argouml]     at org.workingfrog.i18n.swing.I18NJFrame.setTitle(I18NJFrame.jav


  [argouml]     at org.argouml.ui.ProjectBrowser.setTitle(ProjectBrowser.java:43


  [argouml]     at org.workingfrog.i18n.swing.I18NJFrame.<init>(I18NJFrame.java:


  [argouml]     at org.workingfrog.i18n.swing.I18NJFrame.<init>(I18NJFrame.java:


  [argouml]     at org.argouml.ui.ProjectBrowser.<init>(ProjectBrowser.java:180)


  [argouml]     at org.argouml.ui.ProjectBrowser.getInstance(ProjectBrowser.java


  [argouml]     at org.argouml.application.Main.initializeGUI(Main.java:427)

  [argouml]     at org.argouml.application.Main.main(Main.java:198)

  [argouml] Exception in thread "main" 



Any help would be greatly appreciated.