Hello Ludo!

The main issue is that I don't understand enough of how this is supposed to work in maven to get it to work properly. I would be happy to get help in this area.

Step one would be to make a release with just tar, zip, or jar-of-jar files to get the steps in place with version changes, tags, running tests during the build, and preparing for the next snapshot version and rebuilding that in Jenkins. After that, features like IzPack, JNLP et.c. could be added.

Could you please help me with getting this to work?


2014-09-04 22:59 GMT+02:00 Ludovic Maître <ludovic.maitre@free.fr>:
Hi dear developers of ArgoUML,

I would like to know if there is any issue opened about the problem
encountered while releasing argouml with maven ? I have read that there
is still problems with the release process with maven and would like to
know if there is already a list of the issues related to this ? I think
this project could be really useful and would like to know how to help
to better packaging it from/for maven ! IIRC there is still an IzPack
installer with the maven plugin configuration stored somewhere in the
issues, among other things.

Best regards, keep up the good work, Argo is still the best OSS UML/case
tool ! :-)


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