Laurent: I like the idea of the "cartouche".  I like the name too.  It makes me think of Egyptian hieroglyphics.  ;-)  I also like the idea of being able to turn it on and turn it off.  So if you were only producing diagrams, you might turn it on; if you were producing documentation you could turn it off.  The wikipedia link you sent was pretty informative.  Apparently it's a common practice when storing drawings. When the drawing is folded for storage, you can always see the cartouche, making it easy to search through a stack of drawings.

The problem with comments is they are good for short notes of a few words, but not good for a couple of paragraphs.  It takes up too much space on the diagram.  For the same reason, I think the cartouche is excellent for small pieces of text, but probably ill-suited for a paragraph or more of text.

Bob: I guess the other approach to storing the diagram descriptions would be to put them in the .argo file.  There's already project metadata in there, we could simply add it to the body of the "member" tag.


On Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 10:37 AM, Bob Tarling <> wrote:
Certainly in UML1.4 there is nothing as diagrams are not actually part
of the specification.

For UML2 we'd have to dig around the specs a bit more but even then we
will be a long way from diagram interchange formats when we have our
first UML2 release.

Anything we do in ArgoUML will be argouml specific I think and stored
in the PGML file rather than any xmi file.



On 5 August 2011 18:27, Laurent BRAUD <> wrote:
> Hi,
> When I do some test with ArgoPrint in July, I have the same need.
> As it doesn't seems possible with ArgoUML, I wonder if we can do something like:
> Add comments on diagram. If it's relies to an UMLElement, documentation for UML Element, otherwise for the diagram.
> It's when I asked if possible to have 2 Diagram for one statemachine, and I add that sometimes I could want one with comments and one without. I suggest I will try to do this in argoprint. I have done a getDiagramAsSVG_WithoutComment in DiagramUtil (I can give you if wanted), but I haven't done get Comment for a diagram or a UMLElement.
> I don't think you like this, since you write :"Trying to put this in a couple of
> paragraphs comment doesn't really work for me".
> You said about  "a couple" and
> "describe"=> Why comments aren't enought.
> However I agree with you : I think it should be nice to add some comments with a property.
> Moreover I think (But it's only my point of view) that someone comments should be "standard", such it exist "cartouche" in "dessin technique" (Sorry, don't know english word):
> When print a UML diagram, I would like a "cartouche" with the UMLVersion(instead of "mode de projection") because <> between UML1.x , the create/modify date, The version of document...
> What's your opinion ?
> I have sometime now (and I'm curious to find) I find something in UML (I will have a look in UML Diagram Interchange)
> Regards,
> Laurent.
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