I'm curious about how raised signals work in ArgoUML.  When I click on a method in a class, and add a raised signal I don't see the raised signal in the generated code. Am I doing something wrong? Also there doesn't seem to be a way to indicate that the raised signal is a particular exception.  When I import a class into my project that has methods that throw exceptions, I don't see any raised signals listed in the property panel. 

There also seems to be some problem with importing code properly.  Here's a snippet from the original class, and a snippet from the source view for the same class.

Here's the original version

    public final void init(String jaxbPackage) throws PersistenceException

Here's the source view version after it's been imported into the project

 public final void init(String jaxbPackage) {
  /* {param=jaxbPackage The JAXB package
, throws=PersistenceException if an error occurred initializing the