Dear Friends,

I'm a student in Sweden, and want to produce a prototype of the extension of ArgoUML in order to test our ideas.

First, I would add Sample Menu to the menu bar and a button to the tool bar of ArgoUML. Both the menu item in the new menu and the button invoke the same Sample Action. Its role is to open a simple message dialog with a message of your choice.

Second, I would like to catch evens from the action in the edit zone, like adding/deleting components/connectors into/from existing system. And the information about such evens should be given by a message dialog box.

Now, the problem is I'm a very beginner for the development of ArgoUML. I even don't know how to create a new module. So, could you help me and give me an instruction about how to start the work?
I want to use Eclipse to do the development and have already downloaded and configured the environment for the development follow the Cookbook.

Thanks a lot...

Best Regards,
Jixiang An

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