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Developer Zone

The open source ArgoUML development community encourages your contribution.

New and Prospective Developers: see the links below, especially the Cookbook, for more information about the project philosophy, standards, and how to contribute.

Project documents


The goal of the ArgoUML project is to build an object oriented design tool that is:
  • a joy to use
  • actually helpful to designers when they are making design decisions, by offering cognitive support through critics
  • completely open source Java (FreeBSD license)
  • supporting everything in UML
  • modular and extensible
  • integrated with the web and other Tigris tools.
You can also read the Project Vision and read the list of features to learn more about what ArgoUML is capable of already.


Tools to use while developing ArgoUML:

Download using psf files, see Eclipse setup guide.


Academic papers and research projects

Mailing lists for developers

  • dev [ Join | View | Search ] Developers mailing list for all discussions among project members that don't belong elsewhere.
  • issues [ Subscribe | View | Search ] Issues mailing list with all changes to issues
  • commits [ Subscribe | View | Search ] mailing list for all commits.
And join us at the #argouml IRC channel on Freenode.

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